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The Amiga Future 152 was released on the September 5th.

The Amiga Future 152 was released on the September 5th.
The Amiga Future 152 was released on the September 5th.

The Amiga Future 152 was released on the September 5th.
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Kung Fu Master - HOT NEWS as WIP Amiga OCS Remaster of a classic Arcade game gets an early demo

Published 23.09.2021 - 20:44 by AndreasM

Kung Fu Master - HOT NEWS as WIP Amiga OCS Remaster of a classic Arcade game gets an early demo.

Even more Amiga news to get through now, as if you've been following our recent updates regarding Graeme Cowie, Ten Shu and DJ Metune's upcoming Amiga conversion of a classic Arcade game called Kung Fu Master. [...]
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CyberSphere - Collectors Edition preorders open

Published 23.09.2021 - 20:41 by AndreasM

Gdg-Entertainment is proud to announce, after 3 years of development, CyberSphere.

CyberSphere is an icon-driven game developed with text-adventures in mind. Explore a cyberpunk-themed world spreading across a fictitional town, its
undergrounds and the outerspace above it to discover its secrets. Traverse the voxels-made environment using an icon-based mechanics istead of typing text.
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Games That Werent: Retro

Published 23.09.2021 - 20:36 by AndreasM

GamesThat Werent Team write:

Following on from the recent post on Cyber Fight, comes yet another 3D futuristic sports title in the shape of Retro. A title being developed for Core Design by Steve Northcott (programming) and Simon Phipps (artwork).

No doubt with a bit of inspiration from the recent success of Speedball 2, the Core Design duo had come up with a nifty 3D polygon routine and sprite algorithm to come up with a potentially winning formula (or so it seemed!). [...]
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Wayfarer 2.7 released

Published 23.09.2021 - 20:35 by AndreasM

Wayfarer released in the Version 2.7 for MorphOS.


* Worked around random crashes that may have been observed in 2.6 [...]
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VirusZ III 1.04ß released

Published 23.09.2021 - 20:34 by AndreasM

Georg Wittmann has made a new version of VirusZ III, you can downoad VirusZ III 1.04ß on the Webpage:

Amiga Future 152 was released a few days ago

Published 23.09.2021 - 09:03 by AndreasM

News originally published on: 23.09.2021 - 09:03

A few days ago issue 152 of the Amiga Future was published.

For everyone who overlooked the date, it would be a good time to order the magazine quickly.

Or maybe an annual subscription right away? Then you will always have the latest issue automatically delivered to your home and you don't have to go around [...]
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Amiga Future: New full versions online

Published 22.09.2021 - 14:35 by AndreasM

The download area of the Amiga Future was updated today. So, you can now find the following full versions online:

Formula 1 Manager

app.php/dlext/index [...]
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Please note our advertising partners

Published 20.09.2021 - 13:26 by AndreasM

News originally published on: 24.02.2020 - 20:04

On the Amiga Future webpage we offer you a huge free content all about the Amiga.

Because the Amiga Future is a non-profit project, the Amiga Future homepage has to finance itself completely.
The homepage, which is currently around 30 GB in size, is funded without exception through advertising, donations and our own private funds.
Programming new extensions, databases or features really costs a lot. [...]
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Film report from Classic Computing 2021

Published 19.09.2021 - 12:41 by AndreasM

Regional television visited Classic Computing 2021 in Vöhringen and produced an interesting film report. It ran on Friday, September 17, 2021 in the evening program. In the media library it is here: ... -anfassen/

More videos for Amiga online

Published 19.09.2021 - 12:15 by AndreasM

On the following links you will find your other Youtube-Video about the Amiga, which were released in the last days:

AMIGA FACTORY: Gameplay AGONY Level 4 - Commodore Amiga - 720 Comentado [...]
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