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The Amiga Future 157 was released on the July 5th.

The Amiga Future 157 was released on the July 5th.
The Amiga Future 157 was released on the July 5th.

The Amiga Future 157 was released on the July 5th.
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Test Sensible Soccer (Sensible World of Soccer)

Published 21.09.2002 - 17:13 by AndreasM

Auf der AmigaPlus Homepage wurde ein Test von Sensible Soccer (Sensible World of Soccer) veröffentlicht. ... occer.html

Gericht: 0190er-Opfer muss nicht zahlen

Published 21.09.2002 - 17:08 by AndreasM

In einem jetzt bekannt gewordenen Urteil weist das Amtsgericht Freiburg eine Telekom-Klage wegen 0190er-Forderungen ab.

Hier gehts weiter

Test Five-A-Side Soccer

Published 21.09.2002 - 17:05 by AndreasM

Auf der AmigaPlus Homepage wurde ein Test von Five-A-Side Soccer veröffentlicht. ... occer.html

Frogger 2.03 erschienen

Published 21.09.2002 - 16:59 by AndreasM

This release fixes lot of bugs, introduces new codecs (3ivx, indeo, mace, vorbis), and new file format - Ogg. Last, but not least, lot of optimizations were applied to video/audio decoders, they are much faster now. You can download it from download section. Please note that due to plugin api changes you have to download and install all external codecs. Old video codecs may work, audio wont.

Aros News

Published 21.09.2002 - 16:58 by AndreasM

A boot menu has been added to AROS. it can be activated by holding the two mouse buttons or space bar during boot. The menu looks identical to the AmigaOS 3.1 boot menu (which can be accessed in the same way on a real Amiga). The boot menu allows you to access the inner hardware and alter hardware settings. Also, a feature has been added to the boot loader (GRUB) to allow screen mode selection (the use of this will become apparent in future releases), I will bring you updates as soon as possible.

F1 Season-Datafile Update

Published 21.09.2002 - 16:57 by AndreasM

Updated datafile with qualifying and race stats from Sunday's Italian GP. Apologies for the delay.

Amiga Future Page wieder online & Updates

Published 21.09.2002 - 16:25 by AndreasM

Die Amiga Future Homepage war gestern längere Zeit offline.

Beim Data Center unserer Hosters gab es einen Stromausfall weil bei Bauarbeiten einer nah liegenden ICE-Trasse gleich drei unabhängige Hauptstromleitungen durchtrennt wurden.

Nun läuft aber wieder alles und wir haben gleich die Cheats und die Workbench-Gallery geupatet. [...]
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Amiga-Treffen in Grebenstein

Published 20.09.2002 - 15:16 by AndreasM

Am 2.11. findet in der Kulturhalle Grebenstein ein Amiga-Treffen statt.

Ausführliche Informationen findet ihr auf

Marco Herdina schreibt dazu: [...]
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Neue Payback Maps

Published 20.09.2002 - 15:16 by AndreasM

Auf der Apex-Designs Homepage wurde wieder eine neue Map für Payback veröffentlicht.

Warp3D == "NOVA" == Ami3D: Update

Published 20.09.2002 - 15:10 by AndreasM

Hans-Jörg Frieden [Hans-Joerg Frieden], 1/3 of the Warp3D group (Sam Jordan the "mental father of Warp3D", Hans-Jörg Frieden & Thomas Frieden "Gandalf the Grey"), Part of the Ami3D team, Senior Software Engineer & Senior Software Developer for Hyperion Entertainment Vennootschap Onder Firma (VOF) and Amiga Inc. AmigaOS4 key Author posted: "Warp3D will be named "NOVA" on OS 4 (Ami3D on AmigaDE). The initial release will still be Warp3D V4.x. The original plan called for Warp3D V5 to be delivered with OS 4, but that was at a time where we where to do Warp3D and OS 4 would come from someone else :-) In the final NOVA release, we'll include developer guides, tutorials and example source code, and hopefully one or two bigger show-off demos with source code."